Hello Team,

We are having such a great response from our team members about postcards. 

(1)  Jessica Wetzel mailed out 20 postcards.  Out of the 20 postcards, she got 4 calls. Out of the 4 calls, she enrolled 1  new broker!J  Jean Stinich is also having great results with postcards.

(2) Janie these post cards are working great I have enrolled 2 people so far this week I have 1 person to call back tonight that’s gonna enroll and one on Sat 9/23 to enroll and 1 on Wed 9/27 that’s gonna enroll, I have had an over welming response I’m getting better than 20% response rate with them
Steve Wilson RSD

(3) I have been writing the postcards while my daughter is doing her homework!  This way I can help her also. (My 2 month old naps during this time) So far, I have had three call backs, 1 person left a message for me to mail her more information, 1 new member which referred ten friends and 1 prospect broker ( we met in Mcdonalds with our children and she mailed in an application.  I still have 50 more cards to write out.
Melanie Smith

(4) These leads are awesome! So far I have received 12 phone calls with in the first 2 weeks. I find that most people are very interested especially when they learn about residual income!Talking with members of our great team doesn't hurt either!
By the way out of the 12 ....8 are seriously considering being a broker!
Rhonda and Michael Ward R.S.D. Texas

We want to help everyone from our team get the same results.  Effective today,  we will be giving away  200 free BROKER postcard leads to all of our Freedom at Home Team members every month.    This method is very fun and easy to do.  You can even do it while you are watching TV. 

Now, If you have a system that is working for you, we want to encourage you to continue doing what  is working for you.  Perhaps you might  want to use the post card method as an "add on" to what you are already doing.