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NEW - Amerisight  (Available to ALL Ameriplan IBO's and members at no additional charge)
AmeriPlan® now has preferred pricing for Laser Vision Correction eye surgery through Amerisight’s nationwide network of Board Certified Ophthalmologists. The arrangement with Amerisight® means that AmeriPlan® members can have the procedure at a significantly reduced rate, with savings of 40 to 55% off the national average cost of LASIK surgery. Whether you have the Medical OR the Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Plans this new program is available at NO additional charge.
Click here for more information (PDF format).
Testimonial:  Ameriplan  recently added a laser vision surgery benefit called Amerisight to our already fantistic package.  My husband had  gone in for laser surgery 3 weeks ago... (before Ameriplan added the NEW benefit) and paid $4000 (It would have been $4500 if we paid installments but he got the $500 discount because he paid cash)...

I called Amerisight to learn more about our plan for lasik, and spoke to someone extremely helpful and found out that I'd save 55% with our benefit.  So the same surgery is going to cost me $1900 TOTAL, with a doctor even closer to my home than the one who did my husbands eyes!  This doctor has done over 3000 laser surgeries in his career...  I know this because Amerisight had all his credentials listed in their system.
They praised Ameriplan on the call and it was a WONDERFUL experience.  Kelly Fuller, NSD

NEW  Effective immediately:  We can no longer enroll brokers/members in Montana.

Here is your opportunity to get trained by a millionaire. 
Feed good stuff in and watch your business grow!   FREE CD from Ellie Drake,click here

CLICK HERE - to hear a broker sing a Country and Western song written especially for Ameriplan brokers.

Win a Dream Vacation (contest ends 10/31/2006)
Quebec (Top Producer Trip - 2007)

RSD & ABOVE training site
RSDs and Above special training.

Articles to Read
Do you like what you do? a must read article!
The Myth
How owning a homebased business can put lots of money into your pockets
Taking Care of your Home While Running Your Home Business- Time Saving Tips!

RECORDED CALLS (calls will be placed on our training site under "Listening center")

New Wendy Hiemenz and Rebecca Blacka talked about Time Management and what do you do when you have hit the wall.  to listen to call, click here  10/5 Team meeting

New Hear  the latest news and all the updates straight from the company.
Hosted by Brent Goodwin and the DSMs.
To listen to call, click here
Outline of all the here

New Special Training call hosted by Erica Combs  9/27/2006
Erica will be covering the topic of objections and closing.  If you are not familiar with Erica Combs, you can learn more about her at
Listen to her call click here

New Dr. Richard Walker 10/12/2006
Dr. Walker presently practices Integrative Medicine with a focus on Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, Detoxification and Weight Management.  Dr. Walker comes to Ameriplan with 20 years of education in medicine.  Being a Health Care Consultant for many years, Dr Walker has been watching the HealthCare Industry very closely.   He saw where the industry was heading and that's why he has joined up forces with Ameriplan.  Dr. Walker will be sharing why he believes that Amerplan will play a critical role in the change of healthcare and what is already happening in this industry that backs up his projections.  He will also share why we need to build our business now, so we can reap the rewards 4 - 5 years from now.

If you have never heard Dr. Walker talk before, you are in for a real treat!  He will open your eyes, mind and heart to what is going to be one of the biggest explosions in the Healthcare Industry!
to listen to call, click here

ACE Council Member
Congratulations to Regina Morris, NSD  for achieving ACE IBO Council!
Reginahad to personally enroll 40 brokers to qualify for Ace IBO Council
Regina will receive special recognition at the Julyconvention 2007
and will also receive an Ameriplan watch from the company.

WEEKLY ACTION PLAN & Weekly Lead Progress Report
WEEKLY ACTION PLAN  (Submit to your enroller every  Monday).
New Weekly Lead Progress Report  (track your results)

Only In Ameriplan..Dreams Come True
Listen to  powerful here.

New Free Postcards Leads
New - Your Business at Home Magazine - our team featured! awesome recruiting tool!!
Magazine Advertising Coop for December
How to locate members in your Hometown By John Hayes, $100,000 income earner

Why you should get to a convention! 
Champion weekend - March 1-4, 2007 in Houston Texas - how to register

Medical & Dental Testimonial from our Freedom at Home Team members
How to locate medical providers and set a doctor appointment
Dental brochures -- what to say

$185.00 Training Bonus
How to reach $25,000,  $50,000 and beyond with Ameriplan!

Tips on prospecting and recruiting
New Letter to send to everyone that you are open for business!
Not comfortable with scripts
How to get into profit mode

Why work on personal development?  When you work on personal development, you grow...when you grow..  you are creating a new life for yourself..
Please work on personal development
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Then select "Personal Development"

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New Affordable lead source
Member Leads

Barrel of Cash
*Detroit MI on Oct 21st       *Tampa FL Oct 26th    * San Antonio Oct 28th   * Seattle WA Nov 4th

Kathy saved $640.00 on her dental visit! 

Regional Offices and Meeting Locations – Revised 10/06  Click to download in PDF format
New  Team Message Board
Check out our message board! 

Top BROKER Recruiter
Top MEMBER Recruiter



You will receive your card in 7 to 10 days, or you should call me.  When you receive your card, you will have a small booklet that will (1) explain how the card works, and (2) will include a list of the nearest providers to you.  Please read it ASAP.  Should you have any question there will be a toll-free number on the back of your card.

Please note that each of our 4 benefits are known by a different NAME:

1.      Ameriplan® - is the name of our Dental (and the name of our company)

2.      Coast to Coast - is the name of our Vision plan
     (note:  When you visit Pearl Vision, Eye  Master, JCPenny and Sears...ask "do you take Coast to Coast)

3.      Medco - is the name of our Prescription plan    visit for prescription prices
       (note:  When you visit any pharmacy..ask "do you take Medco)

4.      CPA - is the name of our Chiropractic plan

All four names are listed on your card so you don't have to memorize them now.
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MAGAZINE ADVERTISING COOP for December..ending  November 14th!!

We now have opening for our  December  Magazine coop.   We will have a feature article along with a full page advertisement in the Home Business Connection Magazine (HBC).  This article will be an awesome opportunity to show your prospects and your team!    Some of our team members are buying magazine coops and splitting the cost with their 2 of their  team members...

The article will feature leaders like Kelly Fuller, Pennie Berk, Regina Morris, Rebecca Blacka and Janie Jones.

About the Magazine:

HBC has been running feature stories on NSD's with Ameriplan since September of 2005 and many brokers are seeing some huge growth coming out of the advertising.  Check out the recent testimonial they received from Tony S.

"Out of my first 7 leads, I was able to sign up 1 new broker who had a 10,000 person downline with Excel before they went bankrupt."

Now I'm not saying that every lead you receive will bring 10,000 people to your team, but this will give you an idea of the type of prospects that we will be reaching with our story.

So how does it work?  Cutting Edge Media will be assigning our story and ad an 800 number which prospects will call into.  If you purchase a share of the advertising, you will receive a voice mail box attached to that 800 number.  The voice mail system is rotational so the leads are spread out evenly across the board.

The advertising will be limited to 30 participants and if you would like to reserve your spot for next month just call Susan Miller at 866-235-4770 ext. 1170 and let her know you are part of my team.  She will get all of your information at that time.   We only have a few spots open so please contact Susan right away.

Keep in mind that when we enroll a $250.00 broker, we can get receive a $185.00 training bonus.   To view the ad and article visit: DO NOT place an order on this site.   Please call Susan for details.

To view the ad and article by visiting:

To listen to all the details about our coop, click here

When you click on the link, it will just show a green play button at the top.  Simply hit that button, and you will be able  to  hear the recording.

They can call me for the details or sign up online at


To whom it may concern:

I was a little nervous before joining this advertising venture but because I was told about it through my upline in Ameriplan, I trusted that things would be great. I was so glad that I took a chance because I got 2 amazing brokers out of it. The quality was outstanding. I started seeing results within a few days of the nationwide ad running. I loved getting alerted through the email because I didn't have to constantly call in and monitor my voicemail. I would definitely recommend advertising with HBC because I feel that it was money well spent. I had tried to advertise locally with little to show for it . Then I got involved with HBC and it has opened my eyes to an array of possibilities as far as advertising is concerned. Now I have branched out into other areas of advertising as well including my car windows and Internet advertising. And by talking to all of the leads generated from my portion of the advertising, I have become more comfortable talking to others on a daily basis. Thank you so much for the quality service you provide. Keep up the good work.


Michelle Stepp

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CHAMPIONS WEEKEND  March 1-4, 2007 in Houston Texas.
We encourage you to register via on-line by visiting our website as soon as possible as this event WILL SELL OUT!  .   

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I would like to encourage everyone to attend any Ameriplan National Convention.

Conventions are a life changing experience and I promise you, everyone that attends a National Convention, will propel their business into HIGH GEAR and help you obtain that six figure income, you and your family so richly deserve.

I have seen many of our team members life's change, simply by attending a National Convention.

Here are some of our team members that attended convention and what they got out of it.

Pennie Berk, NSD
Attending convention is a life altering event.   It will take your business to an entirely new level in a very short amount of time.  You learn from top producers new ways in which to do the business.  You meet your team and spend valuable time with them.  It is truly amazing!

My first convention was Champions.  I left the convention with new found enthusiasm and determination.  I was determined to make it to NSD as quickly as possible.  I was just an RSD at the time.  In just 6 weeks, the 3 ladies that went to Champions with me moved up to RSD and I made SRSD.  A month later I was ESD.  At 8 months I was a NSD and when I returned to Champions weekend that year, I was at $50,000 President's Club.

Definitely, life altering!!!

Jennifer & David Horton, NSDs
I attended Convention last year for the first time.  I had been with the company for 14 months. I wasn't doing a lot with the business.  I lacked enthusiasm and drive.  My residual income for July of 2005 (the month of Convention) was around $330.  I am now going back with over $20,000 in annual, lifetime, residual income.  I attribute this increase to Convention being my main thrust and setting the tone for the next 12 months of my business.  I have not missed a company event since the last National Convention.  It is SO much more than the "hype" that I thought it was going to be.  It was all heart, I was able to experience the "connection" with the rest of the FAH team members.  I knew for the first time that there was something really "solid" behind my business.  The training is here, available now, I recognized at this Convention that success was already here.  It had arrived.  Success was waiting on me to do what I had been trained to do! As a result of attending last year and creating my foundational goals I am now anticipating to be at $50K in Residual income before the year end!  It was more than worth the sacrifice to buy plane tickets, motel, etc other expenses.  It paled in comparison to the benefits I was able to bring home to my business.

Janie and Michael Jones, NVP's
What did Champions weekend do for me?
I took my  husband Michael  to his first Champions weekend kicking and screaming all the way to Houston, TX in 2004. Michael had seen me try many homebased company and he thought  Ameriplan was another company that I had enrolled in and  was going to lose money.

The convention started and Michael was very quiet.   He had no expression on his face.  I could  tell that in his mind he was already determined that he was going to HATE it and nothing was going to change his mind. 

Champions Weekend started and as the meeting went on... his expression on his face started changing... then he started saying  "wow, this is incredible, over and over again"  throughout the meeting.

During the lunch break, he started meeting all the fantastic, genuine, warm, caring people in this company - at all levels.  He started seeing that this company cares, delivers on it's promise, and is the best thing around for changing peoples lives!

Now, he is a changed man!  He is always the first one to reserve our convention tickets and book our airline and hotel reservations.  We attended our 2nd Champions Weekend in February 2005 and he told me  "I didn't think they could top the last Champions Weekend but they DID".  Sometimes I think he loves Ameriplan more than I DO!!  From the training and the heartbreaking, yet so inspiring was awesome!

I could have NEVER imagined the number of lives that have been changed through this business.  People from all walks of life are making money, but it's more than that.  It's a company that does not give false hope and that can give a family who had to live on popcorn, movies and potatoes (you had to be there!) an income of $100,000 in residuals in 2 years.  Or like someone living in an tiny little house with no lights and no gas and taking cold showers.  But now, they don't have to be concerned whether or not the bills can be paid.  Someone who wanted to end it all numerous times, but now can buy pretty much whatever he wants - but most importantly, he has his self respect back.  Or Like someone whose favorite aunt was close to death - no need to ask permission "can I go?", no need to figure out how to pay for the trip, no need to worry that if you need to stay by her side a month that your bills will be paid.  I mean, this is priceless!  The stories seemed to be endless.  To listen to some of their testimonials please visit:

But the most amazing thing is the CARING and the FAITH and the COMMITMENT of the founders of Ameriplan  (Dennis and Daniel Bloom).  We are not dollar signs to them - they truly do care!  I've sat next to Daniel and Dennis Bloom and I have seen how tearing they get when brokers walk down the stage to receive their awards.

Yes, I want to make money, but I want to reach out and help people.  I learned from convention that this business is really about caring for people.   If we do that, the money will inevitably follow.

Let me close with a final thought. I would like to say to all of our team members, If you have not made the decision to fully pursue AmeriPlan, make that decision now. You really do not know what is sitting right in front of you...YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT TO THIS CONVENTION.  We can share other peoples stories with you, but it is nothing like the atmosphere that solidifies this thought - AmeriPlan is REAL and the work that you are doing right now, is worthwhile!

Michael and I and all the leaders in our group want to meet  you at  AmeriPlan's National Convention. We have many of you already that are coming to the convention and we cannot wait until that day arrives.  We are also so looking forward to seeing MANY of our team members go across the stage to receive their awards and recognition that they deserve.   It will be AWESOME!

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FREEDOM AT HOME TEAM BENEFIT TESTIMONIAL - email your testimonials  to:

(1) I got my nephew on the medical plan, and recently he used the dental program, he had 4 teeth surgically removed with anesthesia, the price w/o benefits would have been $800.00 when he used the dental card he paid $160.00, a savings of $640.00!
Kathy Bard

(2) My daughter went to the doctor and he ordered an MRI with dye. She saved
$950.00 on the MRI when
she used her AmeriPlan card!   Janet Slaton, SRSD

(3) I had to purchase an antibiotic today called Cipro. When I got to Walmart I asked the pharmacist (what the price was for
the full price, Medco discount, and the generic.

Full Price $77.62
Medco discount $68.66
Generic $ 8.53

My savings was $69.09! Thank you Ameriplan!
Eileen, Austin, TX

(4) I just wanted to share some good news.  My sister used Ameriplan Dental yesterday and her initial visit would have cost her $80, but she ended up paying $30.  On Monday she is scheduled for a root canal and crown, etc., without Ameriplan it would have cost her over $2400, but now she will have to pay $1100.  She's very impressed with the savings and says it ended up being better than the insurance plan she had with Group Health.


(5) Just wanted to add how amazing This company really is. The second day of me joining this business, one of my co-workers called me to tell me that she would not be able to come in to work. When i asked her why she informed me that that she was having dental problems and need time to stay home and take care of it. Well the next day she came into work and the entire left side of her face was swollen. I asked her why don't you go to the dentist and have that looked at. She said she had not been to a dentist in years because she could not afford it.

Her situation was very bad and as her supervisor i could not let her work in that condition. So I asked her who was the last Dentist she had been to? She told me his name so i went online and looked up his name in the provider listing. She got really exited when she saw his name as one of our providers. So she signed up on the spot and I sent her off to the dentist. The next day she came to work the swelling was gone and she said that she saved over $900 on dental work and they made payment arrangements for the rest of the bill only because she was an Ameriplan member. fast forward a few months later she had to go back to the dentist for an emergency and again saved $135. Thanks to ameriplan

Larry Wright, RSD - Florida

I went out this morning with my girlfriend who also has Ameriplan, to look for glasses.   Sears was having a 50% off sale and even with their sale Ameriplan saved her over $100!!   The girl told her she saved more with her card then she would have with the sale!

(6) I went to Pearle Vision and found a pair of glasses and saved over $100 also!  I also called a new dentist and when I told her I had Ameriplan she told me that was great because I will have a substantial savings when I have my appointment next week!  Marilyn  Lawson

(7) I had to tell you, again, how wonderful our benefits are!  I went yesterday to get 2 prescriptions filled.  One was an Albuteral Inhaler.  The original cost was $49.11.  With Ameriplan I paid $18.73!  The second one, is Allegra-D.  The original price was $259.96.  I paid $95.31!  I am so grateful for these benefits!

Salli Bowen

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How to find members in your hometown. By John Hayes, $100,000 income earner.

John Hayes teaches using the "Paper Trail" to grow your business.

If you are interested in working your local market, this call is a must!
Click Here is Listen to 1 hour of Training

Where can you get flyers?
Our training site has several flyers that you can print out and start using immediately.

Here is a great source that was given to us that has several options for cards and fliers.   You can also order the poly bags that John was talking about the team meeting.
click here.

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How to locate medical providers and set doctor appointment

To locate medical providers in your area, visit the Ameriplan website at:
or call AmeriPlan Health customer service at:  1-877-977-2477.

The first appointment process remains the same:
*Select a physician from the list
*Members must call AmeriPlan Health customer service number at:  1-866-977-2477 for pre-verification of physician availability.
*Members call physician's office for appointment
*Present  identification card upon arriving at physician's office
*Members pay discounted fees at the time of service.

For Laboratory services call Medstat: Ameriplan Health at  1-800-808-6511
For Hospital advocacy assistance call:  866-977-2477 (these phone#'s are printed on their membership card)

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MEMBER LEADS is well-regarded as the top member lead source for our team.  They have a lot of features that make this lead source head and shoulders above the rest.  This is a long email, so make sure you save it for future reference.
Remember, use your enroller's referral link if you decide to purchase member leads.

First, before I get into why the APlan rocks, let me suggest one thing you do before you work the membership side too much:  use the benefits yourself.  If you can tell anyone that you saved $240 at the dentist, it will go tremendously far.  You will also have a lot more belief in your voice, and on the phone, that is so critically important.

So, on with the tutorial.  Why are APlan leads the best?

these leads are totally exclusive to you--no one else will call them based on the survey they fill out

the survey they fill out online is extensive and requires all fields to be entered in order to get into their database

their return policy is great.  If a lead is bad for pretty much any reason other than they just say no, you get the credits returned to you.  Bad email OR bad phone OR "no one asked for information" OR doesn't speak English OR several others.

you get a lead capture survey page included, which results in f re e leads for you.

you get to earn credits for referring others, in full compliance with AmeriPlan policies

you can use the service to recruit brokers who want to know, How do I find members?

you can change your membership rate at any time.  I recommend starting out at a level you feel comfortable with (at least Bronze to start as the Virtual Business Manager is worthless as a new member), and then after a couple of months of advertising your lead capture page online and offline, you can drop down to the Virtual Business Center

and most importantly:  You get to see almost ALL important information about the lead BEFORE you buy it.

Other than when they signed up for the survey and their actual phone number, you see what they are looking for, what Zip Code they are in (so you can make sure they have good providers), and if they want family, health, just dental, etc.

In order to get the most out of this service, I have a few suggestions that I always like to share with my team--but otherwise guard relatively closely.  All of this may be confusing at first, but will make sense as you do the tour, the training on the site, and go through the profile acquisition process.

These may come relatively randomly, so forgive me in advance.

Use the same filter(s) EVERY time.  With thousands and thousands of leads, theAPlan works off a filter system.  You eliminate all the people who would make bad leads in your mind using the filters.

Ideally, I suggest you use one or two filters in such a way to produce only 5 leads at a time if you are part time, and 10 leads if you are full time.

The one drawback of the APlan is you don't know when they asked for the information.  When you get your first batch, each lead may be as old as 30 minutes or 30 days.  But if you get it down to 5 or 10, and you grab all 5 or 10, then the NEXT time you use the same filter, all of them will have filled out the survey since you last looked.  This helps me make sure my leads are within 48 hours fresh--sometimes just a couple of hours old.

The main filter to use:  City.  You can use the Zip Code, but if you go to a state in provider search, and click the City header, you can see the main cities that have a lot of providers (more than 5 each is my cut off).  Keep track of these cities.  You can put as many cities in at one time as you want, and it will increase your profile costs just by .25.

Filter #2:  EITHER method of payment OR type of membership they are looking for.  If you are going for pin level, then it doesn't matter too much whether you get an individual DVPC or a household medical plan--a member is a member.

But if you are at RSD, and you are building your check, then either filtering for or looking at the profiles that are looking for the higher commissioned plans, you will see a much higher return on investment.  A $3.50 lead that generates $6, $10 or $12/month is going to pay off a lot more than that $3.60.  I usually use one or the other of these filters, and then just look at the results for the other category.

Spend the time to learn the setup of your autocampaign.  The one the APlan comes with is pretty cheesy.

Setup your lead capture page, and use that in your member flyer advertisements.  You'll have something that looks like this:  This will give you all their information that you ask for in the survey, and eliminate your time wasted talking to tire kickers.

Use the Contact manager to keep track of activity.  There are simple buttons to hit when you've left a message, or signed someone up, and the APlan will track that so you can see the rewards of your activity.

Create folders for interested, not interested, new members, etc., so that when you have a decision from a prospect, you can file them.  As you do this, you build up the folders, and when a promotion like this comes along, you can send an email to everyone in a specific folder updating them on what's up with AmeriPlan.

Only get 4-5 leads at a time.  Then work those prospects, set up follow ups, and look at your calendar.  Too many people use the APlan and get 25 prospects at one time.  Then those people sit in their contact manager because they can't get through to everybody.  So call 4-5, see your results, get an idea of your schedule, and then get some more.  Since you are using the same filter, and you filter for a very small number, you should then have very fresh prospects every time you do this.

Very important (and I learned this from talking with Dr. Clydene at last year's convention):  When you call them, realize that you are the deal they are looking for, and they have contacted you in order to sign up.   If they don't want to sign up, they will tell you, but otherwise, you are there to sign them up and help them start saving money.

Posture is extremely important here for your success.  Give them broad discount ranges, and give them specific savings when they ask for it.  If they don't ask for the specific procedures, etc., don't spend time telling them because you will lose them.

As with any member prospect, be sure they understand how discount benefits work, and that we are not insurance.  When they filled out the survey, they likely have the "insurance" mindset.  So be sure to educate them at the value of our service and how we are different than insurance.

As with any new member, be sure to connect with them after they have joined so they understand how to use the plan.  They also may know others who need our great service. 

As for which plan to take on, realize you have a month to use all the credits, and on average, you'll see one lead for every 4 credits.  I recommend the Bronze plan so you can get a feel for it during your first month, then either the Silver or Gold for the second month if you like what you see and have made money.  If you are just starting to member prospect, it will take some time for you to get the hang of prospecting members, so work with your upline on how you are doing with this part before spending too much energy on cold leads.

After you have a good ad campaign running (fliers, online ads, etc.) that promotes your survey pages, you should start to see leads coming in through your own link.  These are free to you.  Once you see that happen, then you should cut back your lead package to the Virtual Business Manager.  Then, when a promotion happens, I like to kick it back up since that's my focus for the month.

Talk to your upline about whether they are already in the APlan.  If they are, use their referral link.

I hope this is helpful to you, and I know if you're geared up for this promotion, great things are going to happen for you this month!  What a great foundation 6-15 members will have on your residual and future business.          

Bob Jenkins, High School Teacher
AmeriPlan USA Coach

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Weekly Action Plan

For the week Monday, _____thru ______

a. This week I plan to work a total of ______ hours

b. This week I plan to work on the following days:









a.  This week I plan to promote using: (emails, business cards, online

classified ads, flyers, brochures, banners, telemarketing, newsgroups, print

ads, E-Zines, news releases, newspapers ads,  my website, radio ads, tv spots,





b.  I will participate in any training provided by the company.

c.   I will contact my enroller this week.


This week I also plan to do the following activities (order business cards,

flyers, brochures - place future ads, etc.) so I can be sure to reach future

weekly goals and  - most importantly - my long term income goals.






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Not comfortable with the scripts, what do I do?

No problem..You have several options.

(1)   Learn how to set appts. (step #4 of our training site)  Simply  invite prospects to our live recruiting calls that we run  every Monday thru Friday.    Let us do the entire presentation for you.  Earn while you  LEARN.

(2) Visit and listen to the entire business opportunity recorded call.

(3)  You can three way call your prospects to our 24/7 sizzle line.
Conversational Prospecting Call by Janie Jones, NVP   Available 24/7620-294-1064, 7 minutes

Professional Prospecting Call with Sally Streck Available 24/7 212-990-7214, 5 1/2 minutes
Pastor and Minister Line Available 24/7   212-461-2804
Insurance Agents Line Available 24/7 212-990-7214

(4)   Listen to LIVE prospecting calls so you can learn how the top recruiters do an entire presentation.

Learn how to  leave messages,  handle objections and much more.  Becky is an amazing recruiter and you will be inspired and motivated to jump on the phones and have fun like she does!
4:00 pm pacific time
5:00 pm mountain time
6:00 pm central time
  7:00 pm eastern time

Dial in Number:    712-580-8020 
Access code:   667496#
Listen To Recorded Call Click Here
For all brokers Listen to how ACE recruiters call BROKER prospects. Learn how to  leave messages and go over their presentation.
Friday Night
9:00 am  pacific time
10:00 am   mountain time
11:00 am  central time
12:00 pm  eastern time

Dial in Number:    563-843-7510
Access code:   838954#

(5)  Listen to Dr. Ellie Drake, Dani Johnson and Jeffrey Combs recorded calls that are on our training center - under "LIBRARY".            To the top
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Visit step #5 on our training site and study all methods to advertise the benefits and the business opportunity. Basically, there are 2 ways to promote this business. Offline and Online. Learn Both!  Yes, you can do it...we did it and you can too.

Advertising is fun and very exciting! Just are building YOUR business!  
Have you tried... Free Internet Advertising (learn how to post ads in the internet)  (see step #5)  
Have you tried.. FREE post card leads
Have you tried... Referrals are  free and it works!

Many of our team members start generating checks simply by letting everyone know that they are working for the largest discount health benefits company nationwide.    Have you tried... Placing small inexpensive newspaper ads. My enroller has an ad in the Green Sheet.  She placed an ad that states...  My Moms Works at Home call and ask her how. Then she placed her website and her phone#.  She has this ad running every month and she always receive phone calls.   If what you are doing right now is not  getting the results you want, don't be afraid to try other methods.  Try and try will find a perfect method that works for you.  Be FEARLESS!  It takes guts to get out of the ruts. :-)    Note:  All methods of advertising works.   Just keep in mind that you have to be consistent. Consistency is the key to this business.   If you really want something in life, stop wishing and instead, start building a Network Marketing business and GET EVERYTHING you want!            To the top


How to make $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 with Ameriplan
Many of you have asked me "What does it really  takes to get to $25,000 or $50,000  in LIFETIME residual income in one year with Ameriplan"? 
Below you will find information  that will help you understand exactly what it takes to make  25k and 50K  in one year!

Of course, once you hit $50,000, we will then work on hitting $100,000!   Get the desire to make an annual six-figure income.  Dream BIG, your dreams are going to see you through.

To Hit $25,000 in one year
Make 3 complete presentations a day, 6 days per week
A complete presentation consist of "hello" to "which package makes more sense to you"

That's 18 presentations a week.  Out of those, you would have enrolled 2 brokers each week. That's  8 brokers a month.

Stick with the "3 a day presentation"  and hit $25,000 in lifetime residual income  a year.   This is income that will continue growing and paying you for the rest of your life.

To Hit $50,000 in one year
Make 5 complete presentations a day  working part-time, 6 days per week
Again, a complete presentation consists of "hello" to "which package makes more sense to you"

That's  30  presentations a week.
Out of 30 presentation a week, you would have enrolled  3  brokers a week   That's 12 brokers a month.

Stick with the " 5 a day presentations"  and hit $50,000 in a year in LIFETIME residual income.  This is income that will continue growing and paying you for the rest of your life.

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!We only ask people to spend a  few hours each week and all they have to do is simply talk to some people about an opportunity in which they can help people   work at home or help people save money on their health benefits. You don't have to worry too much about what you say or how good you are, because  you will get better.
Just invest 1-2 hours per day. And at the end of the year you might be pleasantly surprised. You would have built a great income that will continue growing and paying you for the rest of your life.

Is it  simple?  sure it is.  But you have to stay focused and committed.  That is all I did.  I focused on my Ameriplan business and I just made those calls everyday.  Good or bad days,  I stayed focused!

Am I glad I did it?  YES!   I retired my husband and we now have the freedom to do whatever we want for the rest of our lives. Our checks are always growing, every single month and that  is exactly what I want for you to have and I know you can do it. How do I know?  because I did it and I'm certainly not any different than you are.
Okay,  so you are see the BIG picture and you are ready to roll-up your sleeves like I did and give it all you got!   Great, let's get to work.

My tips to get the job done:
#1.  Get trained to be the best recruiter.
Yes, you can learn this, but you'll need training.  We  have lots of tools to help you become the best recruiter.  Take advantage of them.
Make the commitment to attend at least  2 training calls every week.  We have LIVE recruiting calls.  Jump on those calls and listen to TOP ACE recruiters.

Work hard on yourself, you will earn a life.
* Develop your gifts
* Develop your vocabulary
* Develop your power and mind
* Do not settle for less than you can be
* Attend 2 training calls a week
* Listen to professional trainers and motivators
  Dani Johnson  (on our training site)
  Ellie Drake   (on our training site)
  Jeffrey Combs    (on our training site)
Ameriplan has 10 top recruiters NATIONWIDE and several of them from our team!
When they first started, they didn't know anything about recruiting but they took the time to get trained.   They  jumped into training calls, they practiced their script, they perfected their presentation and they focused on recruiting.  I promise that  you will become very good at what you focus at.

#2.  Make the commitment.
The people who make a personal commitment to work the business are always successful! It's never failed.  It will not fail you either.

People who are reluctant to make the commitment never get started. In most cases  it's not because the need is not present.  It's not because there is no time - we always make time for the things we want and need. And it's not because there is  no help available.

In order to make a proper commitment, it is essential that you recognize that your plan has been proven to work for anyone who works the plan.

Make the commitment that this is your new chosen profession and quitting is not an option.
Make the commitment to work 10 to hours a week to build your Ameriplan business.  You are in control of your success.

Realize your performance and production are dependent solely upon activities that have already been proven to work for thousands and thousands of others.

Get committed. Stay Committed.  Your dreams are going to see you through.  Fire up! Just do it!
Persist until you succeed!

#3.  Have plenty of people to talk to.
Leads are the lifeblood of your business.  If you talk to 5 people and day and if I talk to 1 person a day, you are going to enroll more brokers at the end of the week.

So, how do you get leads?  You can learn how to generate leads ONLINE or OFFLINE.

We have listed many advertising methods on our training site to generate free leads online and offline.
To generate leads offline and online,  please visit our training site.  Step #5

Don't be afraid to reinvest in your business and purchase leads or place small newspaper ads.
We have lots of advertising methods on  Step #5

Our goal is to  help many of our team members become  top recruiters.  Make the decision that you want to be the very best and it will happen.  It will take practice and training but I promise you, that if you master recruiting,  you will build a large group that will continue paying you residual income for the rest of your life.

Three years ago, I made the decision that this was going to be my new profession and I was going to make it happen NO MATTER WHAT.    Quitting was NEVER an option.    Even if it would have taken  5 years for me to hit the highest level in the company, I would of done it.  For you see, I had already made up my mind that I was going to reach the top.  My family needed Ameriplan and I was NOT going to let them down.

I  got into ACTION mode.  I practiced my script many times, I got  on the phone, sharpened my communication skills, and  finally mastered recruiting.  You see, you WILL become very good at what you focus on.   I focused on recruiting and that is why I went from $0 to $300,000  in 3years and  growing!.

Did I have bad days and did I have people that quit and did not see this opportunity?  ABSOLUTELY.  I just kept on talking to more people and guess what:  I have found the most amazing people that are now my best friends and they have joined me on this amazing journey called "FREEDOM AT HOME".

They are absolutely on track to make a 6 figure income, paid residually, for the rest of their lives!  I'm so proud of them.  I know it took a lot of courage to  do things that ordinary people do NOT want to do.  But for their courage, they will have everything they have ever dreamed off.  They will never have to work for somebody else and they will have all the money and freedom they want.

What made it happen for me and our top leaders on our team? We got trained and we always made sure we  had plenty of  people to talk to.

My suggestion is and always has been:

Get good quality leads, talk to less people.  Work smarter and not harder.

The quality of the leads you purchase makes a BIG difference.  It will save you lots of time,money and frustration.

I will be running live business opportunity calls every week at 2pm and 7pm to help close your prospects for you. We are having great results with our live business opportunity call so please take advantage of it!

Monday thru Friday


Invite guests
2 & 7  pm CST
Hosted by: Janie Jones, NVP
Access code:   838954#     To the top


Affordable lead source

Get ready for some more awesome months!  Our biggest months have always been August thru May !!! There will be many people looking for work at home.  The holidays are coming and people will also be thinking ways to make HOLIDAY money!! Take this opportunity and build your team!  I took advantage of all the peak season and went from 0 to $300,000 in 3 years.   I promise you that if you build your team, you will build your dream and you won't recognize your life!!  I'm living proof of it!!

If you are a new broker, grab your script, practice it and start talking to people...Don't worry about knowing everything.  If you have a question that you do not know, call your enroller or brokers support.   I promise you that the more you talk to people, the more comfortable you  will become.  This BUSINESS WILL make sense to people. 
Ameriplan pays daily, our credentials are amazing and people WILL  absolutely LOVE the fact that they can build a 6 figure income in 2 to 4 years  (what's not to love )

If you are an existing broker, THIS IS THE TIME to go full force.  Go for it!  Don't be afraid of success!  Go for Greatness!  This business is awesome  They will always have open arms for us.  This business does not judge, nor does it matter where you come from, nor how old you are.  They take ordinary people and give them this wonderful opportunity to go all the way to the top.  The opportunity is here for YOU.

Stay positive.  If you give life something positive - it will reward you, if you give life something negative, it will punish you.  Everyday you place information, ideas, and beliefs into your mental factory and this in turn is placed into your MENTAL PROJECTOR.  If you ever wonder why your "life" screen is playing something bad - I am almost positive it was self-inflicted.  Simply input good information.

How do you take advantage of the busiest time of the year?    Simple..all you have to do is make sure you have plenty of people to talk to.

Where do you find people to talk to?
Well, you can read step #5 on our training site and learn about advertising online and offline.    Many of our team members love to build our business thru the internet and many of you are seeking affordable broker leads. 

To help our team, we will continue  running live business opportunity calls every Monday thru Friday at 2 pm and 7pm to help close your prospects for you. We are having great results with our live business opportunity call so please take advantage of them!

Together we can do anything that our heart's desire.  You have the best team supporting you. Let's do what we do bests and knock Ameriplan's socks off !  T.E.A.M.  Together Everyone Achieves More
  For affordable leads go to:
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"It is anticipated that by the year 2005, 50% of households
in the US alone will be involved in a home business"
- Newsweek Magazine -

As you can see, home based business's are gaining in popularity in America. This is especially true now because the IRS has recently re-instituted the home business tax deduction which allows home business owners to deduct up to $5000 per year in business expenses off of their income tax. This means that you can start a home business and not make a dime with it and still be able to come away with an extra $5000 in your pocket at the end of year!

"A home based business is the best tax shelter left in America"
Sandy Botkin (IRS Attorney & Tax Reduction Institute Chairman)            To the top


Magazine - Your Business at Home - (6 of our team members are listed on this magazine!)

As many of you know,  Ameriplan has been featured in a new magazine "Your Business At Home".  This magazine is now available at Barnes and Nobles and Borders.

We are so excited about this magazine because now everyone will know about our awesome company and we have 6 of the Freedom at Home Team members featured in the magazine!!! 

Team members that are featured on "Your Business at Home" magazine.
Kelly Fuller, NSD , Pennie Berk, NSD, Janie Gutierrez, NSD, Jessica Wetzel, RSD, Wendy & Kent Hiemenz, NSDs, Janie and Michael Jones, NVPs

Inside this magazine is a Dualdisc.  This disc goes over how we make money and save money. They also added a new section called "success stories".  PLEASE take some time to listen and read to  the success stories.  My family is in it!

If somebody would of told me that I was going to be making over a quarter of  a million dollars in under 3 years,  and retire my husband, I would of never believe them. This is what happens when you find a company that you believe in, roll-up your sleeves and work consistently.

So please,  read the magazine and watch the disc.  You owe it to yourself  and your family to pick up this magazine.  Ameriplan is changing lives every single day.  We want you to be the next Freedom at Home Team success story!  This year is going to end with a bang!  We know that Ameriplan is having lots of great new program in place this year.  Have faith in this company like the people in the magazine did.   Take advantage of this opportunity.  This is your year to shine!

I know many of  you already bought the magazine and many of you are on auto shipment. However, If you still do not have this magazine, you can purchase them from us at $4.00 each.   No shipping cost AND No minimum order required.    Note:  as of 7/28 many of the magazines on the bookstores are sold out!
Good news is that we have about 600 magazines in stock so please place your order today before we run out.
How to make your Business at home work, visit:
To order your magazine:  Email Michael at: and let him know how many magazine(s) you wish to purchase.
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How do YOU qualify for the next Top Producers Trip?  The next trip is in Quebec City!!
Quebec City  All the richness of a continental European experience with cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and some of North America's finest dining awaits you. A walled fortress along the St. Lawrence River is yours to enjoy from the luxurious Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac with AmeriPlan's Best. Be sure you qualify for the Top Producers Trip of 2006-2007.

Top 10 TPT winners will be a part of AmeriPlan's "Best of the Best". The Top Ten will extend their Canadian excursion to the exquisite "Castle on the Cliff", Fairmont Le Manior Richelieu in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada. There the top 10 winners will enjoy the beauty of the area and the grand activities from this celebrated, world class resort.

Contact your enroller for details!  We want you on the NEXT trip! 

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Message board for our team members

The message board was created so you can get an opportunity to get inspired,  motivated and receive  lots of ideas on growing your AmeriplanUSA business and meet wonderful team members.
To access our message board, simply go to our training site and login.
To your upper right hand corner, you will see IBO CORNER.
Click on the link and register.
We want to meet you!
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Weekly Lead Progress Report  (track your results)

The progress report was created to keep track of your calls.
By tracking the can see  your weakness and strength..
For example….if this report shows that you have made 5  complete presentations every day and you have enrolled 0 brokers..then we know to  work on your presentation.

If this report shows that you are making calls and getting tons of no answer, nobody home, answering machines..…then we need to find out about your lead source?  Are the leads fresh? 
By the way, the fresher the leads..the better.

Your goal..write this down is to make 3 complete presentations a day… 6 days per week.
That’s 18 presentations a week…2 brokers a week.  8 brokers a month..
To hit $25,000 a YEAR

To the top


(1) KathleenStroobandFL
(2) DeborahTuleyCA
(3) KellyFullerPA
(4) KristieWootenFL
(5) JenniferRothWI
(6) Pennie & AdamBerkTX
(7) KerenBrown-KeenerHI
(8) Chantelle & Kevin HeiskellTX
(9)  CynthiaRiddellMI
(10) ElizabethCarterWV
(11) JanetSlatonPA
(12) Jennifer & DavidHortonGA
(13) Karen MarieValeVA
(14) Rebecca & KellyBlackaSC
(15) Regina & AndrewMorrisTX
(16) StaceyHillPA
(17) Stephanie & AlanTurnerNY

(1) ClydeneCasebolt
(2)  JimmyFuller
(3)  StephanieMartin
(4)  TonyaJones
(5)  ValerieArreguin
(6)  AnnetteRobertson
(7)  EuniceHolmes
(8)  JenniferRoth
(9)  PaigeLombardi
(10)  Pennie & AdamBerk

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$185.00 Training Bonus     

Sign up a $250 AATP IBO and they sign an IBO within 30 days, you'll receive a $185 Training Bonus!

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How to win a dream vacation
You make money  working your Ameriplan business while you are  earning a dream vacation!!!
Enjoy a quiet get away for you and your spouse.
Make it a family vacation and bring the kids!
Pick a resort near you and be there in no time!
No airfare necessary

Enjoy swimming at the pool, hanging around at the beach, hiking through the mountains, site- seeing, or just relaxing in the Jacuzzi.
How do you win a dream vacation? EASY!!        Enroll 5 new brokers between 10/1/2006  thru 10/31/2006 at 5 p.m. and you win a dream vacation!!

Enroll 6 new members between 10/1/2006  thru 10/31/2006 at 5 p.m. and you win a dream vacation!!

Enroll 5 brokers AND 6 members between 10/1/2006  thru 10/31/2006 at 5 p.m. and you will win 2 dream vacations (One for yourself and another to give as a gift!)       Work hard and get ready to have fun!!

We're cheering for you!!!

Contest begins    10/1/2006  thru 10/31/2006
Visit details about our  vacation contest at:       We look forward to seeing you WIN!                         

Winners so far are:
April Decheine
April Quesenberry
Chantelle Heiskell
Chelsey Carr
Cynthia Riddell
Helene Zemel
Jennifer Horton
Jennifer Scott
Jessica Wetzel
Karen Marie Vale
Kathleen Strooband
Kathy Tesse
Kelly Pira
Kristie Wooten
Margaret Gautier
Miaya Ashmead
Nawal Daher
Renee Vasquez
Sandy Barnes
Stacey Hill
Tamisha Hughes
Tanya Lelo
Tiffany Ivy
Tonya Jones

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Feed your mind.  Great stuff in, great stuff out! 
Ellie Drake is giving out a FREE CD.  Many of our leaders have ordered it and it's awesome!!!
Encourage your team members to get her CD.  It will help them grow their Ameriplan business.

To the top

Take Control of Your Life
Home based business are booming.  Many people want off the freeways, out of the subways, away from the big cities, more time to do what they want to do, more time at the gym and are finding out that they have health challenges of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension and are getting fatter every year. Credit card debt, college expenses, travel expenses, upkeep of a car and home expenses are going to skyrocket.  Take control of the rest of your life and get busy recruiting!

As the Leader  Goes..
If you are always prospecting and front line recruiting, you will succeed.  As the leader goes, so does the Success line!  Your brokers will copy what you do!

Patience is a virtue
It is hard to prospect without needing to know what the outcome of your work will be.  Starting to build a network marketing business form the ground floor up can be daunting.  Remember, all top brokers started getting their first recruit.  Author Og Mandino reminds us to follow nature's example that nature never moves quickly. We must pass through our experiences, making sure we're not quick to pass judgement.  Time alone can bring us good news or the reward that is in store.  Walking away too soon, out of impatient, robs us of lie's choicest blessings.  Keep prospecting.

Step up to Bat
As a professional baseball player, if you can average 4 hits out of 10 time at bat you are heading for the Hall of Fame.  In this business you can expect your prospect to say No 5 times before they join.  With this in mind, realize that with every rejection you receive, you are one step closer to getting a broker!

Tough Times Never Last
Dr. Robert Schuller says, "Tough times never last but tough people do."  Verdi says, "Fortune favors the brave!:  Minimize the emotional ups and downs.

You have Everything to  Gain
Just suppose this business works for you?  Isn't it worth giving it a serious try? Many brokers have achieved more than they would ever imagine.  If you give up, you go back to your former life.  You have nothing to lose.  On the flip side, if you really work the business, you might surprise yourself.  Would it be worth it to you?  At least give it one year.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  What have you got to gain?  A lifestyle only few can dream of.  What have you got to lose?  Absolutely nothing. 

If you Cannot enroll a broker
If other team members are enrolling brokers and you are not, STOP and take a look at what you are doing.  It's not our services, it's not the plan, it's something YOU  are doing that YOU need to change.  It might be your words, your script, your people skills.  Try and try again!

Listen to our live  prospecting calls  that are held every Thursday and Friday and learn how  top recruiters talk to prospects.  Master it!   We did it and you can too! Recruiting is Fun!  We are  changing people's lives and you will see it  more and more each day as you work your Ameriplan business.

To the top
POSTCARDS - This postcard methods work! 

(1)  Jessica Wetzel mailed out 20 postcards.  Out of the 20 postcards, she got 4 calls. Out of the 4 calls, she enrolled 1  new broker!J  Jean Stinich is also having great results with postcards.

(2)  Janie these post cards are working great I have enrolled 2 people so far this week I have 1 person to call back tonight that’s gonna enroll and one on Sat 9/23 to enroll and 1 on Wed 9/27 that’s gonna enroll, I have had an over whelming response I’m getting better than 20% response rate with them
Steve Wilson RSD

(3) Janie these post cards are working great I have enrolled 2 people so far this week I have 1 person to call back tonight that’s gonna enroll and one on Sat 9/23 to enroll and 1 on Wed 9/27 that’s gonna enroll, I have had an over welming response I’m getting better than 20% response rate with them

Steve Wilson RSD

(4) I have been writing the postcards while my daughter is doing her homework!  This way I can help her also. (My 2 month old naps during this time) So far, I have had three call backs, 1 person left a message for me to mail her more information, 1 new member which referred ten friends and 1 prospect broker ( we met in Mcdonalds with our children and she mailed in an application.  I still have 50 more cards to write out.
Melanie Smith

(5) These leads are awesome! So far I have received 12 phone calls with in the first 2 weeks. I find that most people are very interested especially when they learn about residual income!Talking with members of our great team doesn't hurt either!
By the way out of the 12 ....8 are seriously considering being a broker!
Rhonda and Michael Ward R.S.D. Texas

POSTCARDS  are HOT!  listen to this call about how our free postcard leads are  growing our business!
click here   To order free leads visit:

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Hi There Everyone!

Some of you we talk to regularly and others we think of often. Hello to all and hope you're healthy and happy!

As some of you already know, we recently started a new Discount Benefits Company.

We are in the business of helping people save and/or make money, with hugh savings on Dental, vision, prescription and Chiropractic services.  We also -aunched and  incredible Medical plan.

Just wanted to share this with everyone in the event you or someone you know are in need of any of these services. I wouldn't want you to have to pay regular or full price, when we could help you get hugh discounts.  And besides, I wouldn't want the next time we talk for you to say, "Why didn't you tell me about this!"

We have been doing a survey to see what others think of this powerful plan and opportunity and have gotten nothing but positive feedback.  Personally I was attracted to it from the start, but I didn't want to shout it across the mountain top until I made money and I have.

So here is the deal, I totally believe in this business and if you would like to be supportive, then go ahead check us out! and let us know what you think.  GO TO:          (to save money)  (to make money)

If you or anyone you know are ever in need of these services, please let me know so that we may help you all get a big discount.

Independent Business owner/broker
Home  :

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Dream Do Come True In Ameriplan (Alaska Cruise Photos)

We  had an amazing time in Alaska!  .  If someone would of told me that I would be working at home, generating full-time income checks and receiving  opportunities to attend   all paid expense vacations, I would of never believed them.  This is what this amazing company can do for you.

We  want to encourage everyone to set your goals to be on the next top producers trip with us!
Here are some photos that Becky Blacka took while we were Alaska!

Photos taken by Regina Morris, NSD:
To the top______________________________________________________________________________________________

Taking Care of your Home While Running Your Home Business
Time Saving Tips!

Remember that as a work-at-home mom, your home becomes part of your business. You work where you live and live where you work. I was surprised when I first started working at home to find that my home was never really used before, when I was working away from home.  Now I have to manage my home- and my home business.

Find your comfort level and realize that you’re not alone!

Housekeeping and Children
Housekeeping tasks can take over all of your free time.  But you can actually minimize the time you spend taking care of day-to-day chores by working with your children and following these simple steps:

1.Teach your children to clean up after themselves.  Keep small brooms and dust pans, a Dust buster, and paper towels where they can reach them when they need to clean up a small spill.

If your children tend to be competitive, make up cleaning contents. Try the bed-making dash or the take-out the trash triathlon. Use  a stopwatch; create charts of personal bests and household record holders.  Blue ribbons and trophies can be purchased inexpensively at discount stores or party supply stores and they really add to the fun.

Limit your cleaning time and set a timer.  Designate your cleaning time into 10 minute intervals during which everybody pitches in to clean the house.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a short time if everyone focuses on his or her tasks.  Since there is a time limit, helpers are less likely to drag their feet.

A trip through the car wash is a big treat for my kids.  Get your children to help vacuum, wash the windows, and clean the inside of the car with the payoff being a trip through the wash.

Working at home is like adding a new member to the family.
Starting a home business is like adding another member to your family.  As you can imagine, this will require some adjustment on everyone’s part.  Your priorities and expectations will determine how well you will adjust, communication, help, and humor will make the transition easier.

First of All, Determine your Priorities
Defining what you expect from your business and family is important before you start your business.  What are your priorities?  Do you need to have a clean house?  Make lots of money?  Have free time for yourself?  Will your spouse be supportive?  Will your children be expected to help with the business or will the business be off-limits to them?

Will you work regular hours?
For me, one of my top priorities is my family, which is why I chose a home business in the first place.  When all is said and done, I would rather say I’ve had a marginally successful business and a successful family life. 

Besides, once I build this business, I’ll have all the time and freedom to spend many many years with  my children AND my grandchildren!  (which I’m very looking forward to spending lots of time with them as well).  I plan to be the best grandmother ever! 

I do believe that it’s possible to combine business and family successfully. 
1st: Adjust your expectations.  

The first day is very exciting!  You got a homebased business and you can’t wait to get started. Then reality sets in, and reality doesn’t always meet our expectations.  The day-to-day challenges of running a business starts to take a toll.  Do not give up!  Adjust your expectations and realize that this is normal and to be expected.  Take advantage of regional offices (if you have them in your area). Talk to other people that work at home.  Stay plugged into training calls and listen to people that have built a huge business (like  Dani Johnson, Elie Drake and Jeffrey Combs). 

Talk to other stay at home moms that are on our team.  They will understand what you’re going through, and often just talking to someone else who understands can help you get through the tough times.  Also keep your priorities clear, go back to your priority list.  Remind yourself why you started the business in the first place, and keep your focus on your long-term goals.

Don’t expect your spouse and children to be psychic.  If you require something of them, let them know.  Now that you’ve established your priorities and expectations, communicate them to your family.  And be specific.  I get more  help if I say to my husband, “Please empty the dishwasher and make eggs and toast for the boys” than if I just ask, “ Will you help in the kitchen?” 

I also tell my family the details of my business and sometimes discuss questions I have with them.  We are always talking.  We make a point of sitting down for meals together so we can all share what is happening in our lives.  We usually keep the radio off in the car and use this time for talking, too.  We set goals together and choose something fun that we will all do with the business money when our goal is reached.  It can be simple as a night out for ice cream or as big as a family vacation.  This way, they also reap the rewards of the business.  And I often get great ideas from  my husband and the boys. 

Accept Help
Since time is a limited resource, you’ll want to spend it in the most efficient manner possible. 
Face the fact that you can’t do everything.  Get out your priority list again. If you don’t want to turn over full-time care of your children to someone else, explore other options.  Maybe have a sitter come into your home occasionally or share part-time child care with another home-based parent.  Then plan your client meetings and work during those  hours.  Hire a neighborhood teenager to help out with chores around the  house. 

Help is out there; accept it.

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If you want to speed up your closing skills don't be afraid to invest in self development seminars, books and DVD's. Remember is is easier to follow a pioneer than to be a pioneer. You can never go wrong in investing in your career and in your future. Any material you purchase to grow your business could be a nice tax right-off! Here are links to some web-sites that you can purchase Ellie Drake and Jeffery Combs CD's from at huge discounts!! Ellie Drake and Jeffery Combs have both made millions of dollars in network marketing, and now you can receive professional training from them.

# The Psychology of Clo$ing by Jeffery Combs

# The Art of Connecting (plus bonuses) by Ellie Drake

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Below is an outline of all the important announcements  and news that were announced at the Chicago Leadership Conference.

You can also hear  the latest news and all the updates straight from the company.
Hosted by Brent Goodwin and the DSMs.

Go to:
There was so much excitement at the conference  that I couldn't even sleep at night!
We had so many great speakers and so much good information. Here are some of the highlights.

Barrel Of Cash

Friday night we had standing room only for the barrel of cash/business presentation. Many guests won cash and joined AmeriPlanB. as new IBOs. We have several Barrel of Cash events coming up including:

Detroit MI on Oct 21st

Tampa FL Oct 26th

San Antonio Oct 28th

Seattle WA Nov 4th

See Barrel of Cash Banner on IBO Support Homepage for further details.

Keynote Speakers

Roger Campbell: "Never Give up on your Dreams"

" Change the people you are around if you want to change." eg: meetings conference calls.

Dr Richard Walker: "The Health Industry Today"

Why is AmeriPlanso popular with the Docs? Doctors make 40% of each dollar spent and wait 90 days to get paid by the  Insurance companies. CDHC Consumer Driven Health Care is growing and is here to stay.

Alan Masters: "Building Confidence from Start to Finish"

"You've got to do the thing to get the power." " Power of life or death is in the Power of the Tonque." "Speak of the promise of the future." "Speak blessings over your team."

Wendy Hiemenz: "Growing in Life, Growing in your Business." TIPS:

1) Make yourself accountable.

2) Start now - on becoming a leader. (self development).

3) Recognize your worth.

4) Be consistent and realistic.

5)  Learn from successful people.

Clay Dixon: "Dare to Succeed."

A dream is based on a foundation of hope. NO HOPE = NO DREAM.

1)  Importance of having a dream. All dreams can come true if you have the courage to follow through with them.

2) No adversity is too great if the reward is big enough. Adversity (failure) is a requirement for success.

3) You must have the courage to fail. It is having the courage to fail that allows you to build character within.

4) Never give up when others around you do.

5) You already possess everything you need to be successful, you just don't know it.

Pennie Berk and Regina Morris: (Freedom at Home NSDs)  A powerful story of how two sisters became top leaders in AmeriPlanB.  by doing  what needed to be done, despite the challenge of caring for their children 24 hours a day. You had to have been there.

Mark Jarvis: "Getting into Action Now." 

Your success is about the decision you make today, not about the no's and yes's you will get while doing this business.

Medical Plan Promotion
Oct 9th - Dec 8th AmeriPlan.  will waive the $30 registration fee on the medical program. "Does not apply to the Dental Plus ($11.95/$19/95 DVPC).
Five people will win an all expenses paid 3 day/ 2 night trip to Cancun Mexico. Signup medical members between now and Dec 8th and you can win gift certificates for the AmeriPlan.  Store and entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for Cancun. Check your mail this week or IBO Support for complete details.

AmeriPlan.  Store: We have a new vendor for the AmeriPlan.  Store. You will be able to order T Shirts, Jackets, Mugs etc. And you will even be able to customize certain items. Coming real soon. Be on the lookout at IBO Support. 

National Training School

One of the best things AmeriPlanB.  has done is to create a National Training School for New Senior Regional Sales Directors (SRSD).  This will be a monthly school for new SRSDs.

If you are an IBO or RSD and promote to SRSD by Oct 31st, AmeriPlan will fly you down to Dallas at company expense to attend the first scheduled class.

AmeriPlan  did an extensive search for a National Trainer and everyone they talked to had one gentleman on their list. The new National Training Director is Dale Calvert. Dale is a legend in the network marketing industry. He has build an organization of 60,000 reps and has been a top earner in his company at $3 million a year.

If you are anywhere close to SRSD, you need to do what it takes to be an SRSD by Oct 31st. Start speaking the victory and you will be there. I was so excited about having Dale as our guest speaker and new Training Director, that I purchased three of his DVDs on EBay when I got back home. Many ESDs - NSDs want to attend this training, but it is exclusively for New AmeriPlanB. SRSDs. Get it done!

Note: Leader's of Tomorrow Conference will still happen in Feb for selected SRSDs and above. The selection will be made soon.

New IBO Training: AmeriPlanB.  has hired a group of professionals to initially contact and welcome new IBOs to AmeriPlanB.  and schedule a 30 minute training with each new IBO. They will get the basics and get the number for their sponsor and followup training information.

Top Producer's Trip / ACE Programs.
There are eight months left (May 31 2007) to qualify to become and AmeriPlanB. ACE for enrolling members and/or IBOs or qualifty for the TPT to Quebec Canada in Aug 2007. Many at the Conference were recognized for being on track for ACE and TPT. It does take consistency, putting on members/IBOs every month and promoting team members throughout the year. We had RSDs and SRSDs on the trip to Alaska. You can be an ACE or go on the TPT if you make the decision.

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If you are attending any of the Barrel of Cash meetings (see schedule below) this month, please email me at:

These meetings are awesome!  They are very similar to a convention (but smaller version).  You are going to learn so much and have an opportunity to invite guests and draw money from a big barrel!

We have several of our Freedom at Home Team members that are attending the Barrel of Cash meetings and they want meet you!

Dennis & Daniel Bloom
AmeriPlan Founders
October 21st, 2006 - Detroit, MI
(Click Here for PDF Flyer)

Kenny & Lorene Watkins
NVPs, $250,000 Founder's Club
October 26th, 2006 - Tampa, FL
(Click Here for PDF Flyer)

Joe & Carol Garvey
NVPs, $250,000 Founder's Club
October 28th, 2006 - San Antonio, TX
(Click Here for PDF Flyer)

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The Myth

If you think you're just going to wake up one day and be financially secure, you're living a lie.  Find out how to proactively live the life you've always dreamed about.

We all have dreams. Some of us want to spend  more time with our friends and families, others want to do more with their free time, drive nice cards or live in fancier homes.  We all want a boss who cares about our well-being, a vacation on a long-forgotten tropical island and relief from our monthly bills, expenses and overflowing debt. And to achieve these dreams, all we have to do is work harder, longer hours.  In doing so, our companies will take notice, pay us more money and everything will work out, right?  wrong.
It's a myth.

The truth is things are not going to go our way unless we make a change.  A change in the way we approach our jobs and,  more importantly, the way we approach our lives.  Until we take control, we're destined to live by someone else's rules, conditions and limitations.  But what kind of change?  How can we revamp our financial priorities enough to secure the things we want out of life without starting completely over?  Well, we could hit it big with the stock market - capitalism at it's finest.  OR is it legalized gambling?  The stock market is certainly ripe for making a killing...but it's just as easy to get killed.  While millionaires are certainly made everyday on Wall Steet's hallowed floor, just as many lose their shirts..Or Worse.

Maybe a shift into a different field is more secure-footed and could help increase your earning potential.  All it'd take is additional schooling, and every year, millions of people choose higher education as a mean to improve their lives.  While it's an admirable and noble pursuit, it doesn't come cheap, nor does it guarantee a better job.  And remember, you're trying to squeeze more hours out of your day, not fewer, so where are you going to find the time to take a class?

At night, meaning you'd be seeing even less of the family your already don't see enough? The reality is most people are already too busy to go back to school.

Feeling hopeless?  Don't worry - there is a solution to your dilemma, the same dilemma shared by millions just like you who are looking for alternatives to the roads their lives have taken.  It's an opportunity that has generated more than $100 billion worldwide.  Ever thought of opening your own business?  Statistics suggest you have.  Ninety-six percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 44 have looked into starting their own businesses.

In fact, 74 percent of the millionaires in America own their own businesses.  And many of them had never previously owned a company.  They all had one universal trait in common that helped ignite their success, however, and that is courage.  They were willing to go where a few had ventured before and never let a lack of experience stand in the way of their dreams.

Their dreams, like yours, include freedom from the constant threat of unemployment, pension plans and other benefits that are being reduced or even eliminated and corporations that are being swallowed and pit out by their own greed and taking thousands of innocent employees down with them.

So why aren't more people following the leads of these self-made millionaires and start their own businesses?  Because we are conditioned to fear change.  We stay at jobs for their security no mater how many dead ends we run into.  We follow career paths that others recommend no matter how ill-advised they may actually be.  We buy into the myth that success is easy if we're willing to get a degree, work hard and invest wisely.  It's safe, it's easy and,  as you're quickly finding out, it's a lie.

Think about the power that would come with being your own boss, setting your own hours.  It sounds great, doesn't it? But like a lot of your peers, you've probably found business ownership doesn't come cheap.  Unfortunately, franchise fees can range from $20,000 to $1 million, meaning the "average" franchise is not for the "average" person.

And we haven't even added in insurance, employees, marketing, office space....

Plus, what you thought was a busy work week could soon pale in comparison. Owning a business means you're working six or seven days a week, opening the store in the morning and then locking its door at night.  And remember, the franchiser earns up-front fees and gets paid royalties based on grow revenue, not profit.  The franchiser makes money whether you do or not.

But what if there was a way to tap into the proven success of a franchise without the high overhead, capital investment or employees?  What if you could own a business that is modeled after successful companies?  Like Ameriplan. 

Opportunity Knocks - Anyone Home?
You have an opportunity for average individuals looking to turn their lives around to market the product or services through word of mouth or thru the internet.

As an independent broker of a virtual franchise, your efforts help the company save millions on advertising on distribution... and they're willing to pay you handsomely for your efforts.  It's a "read made" business complete with products, services, policies and procedures, and training - all at a fraction of the investment of a standard franchise or a traditional start-up business.

It is a model that has been around for more than 50 years. Currently more than 13 million people in the US alone are already acting as independent distributors/brokers, helping to generate more than $29 billion in revenue every year.

More than $29 billion being generated by stay-at-home moms, college students, retirees....And here's the best part:  It's something you can do in your spare time!  You can even do it from the comfort of your own home!

All that matters is your  willingness to make a change.  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.  Change your finances. Change your life.

In  fact, the majority of people in this industry do just that:  work their business around their existing jobs, around their hobbies, around their kids and still qualify for the incredible tax advantage of owning their own home-based businesses. And many more people all over the world from all walks of life have made it their full time career.

Have we got your attention yet?  Good.  Now that you found a solid company with a great service that you feel passionate about.  You  need to let everyone you are open for business.  Remember, the power driving this industry is word of mouth.  If you don't believe in the service or opportunity, how are you going to pass its remarkable qualities to others?

Start spreading the word
The sky literally become your limit.  Just think if your career didn't have a glass ceiling, if there were no fear of layoffs, no schedules that took you away from your family.  This industry pays for productivity - the more you put in, the more you get out.  So you can more effectively leverage your time.  It's not about working harder; it's about working smarter.

J. Paul Getty once said, I would rather have 1 percent of the efforts of 100 men, than 100 percent of my own efforts. :  Sound advice from  a self-made billionaire, don't you think?  To put it another way, imagine that you were in the business of mowing lawns.  If you made $25 per lawn, and, on a good day,  could mow eight lawns, you'd be making $200 a day.  This is an example of 100 percent of your own efforts.

Now imagine that you own a lawn mowing referral business.  You spend your time finding lawns that need to be mowed and then hire contract mowers to actually mow them.  If you charged $25 a lawn and then paid 10 independent contractors $20 per lawn, and they each mowed eight lawns a day, you would profit $5 each yard.  So every day, they, not you, would mow 80 yards and you'd put $400 in your pocket.

Which sounds better to you?  of course some people are going to say, "Wait a minute! That's selling!  I don't know how to sell!  I don't like to sell!"  That's OK.  Remember:  This business thrives on word-of-mouth marketing, not selling.  You probably already do it and don't realize it.  What about that movie you saw last week - when you told your friend how good it was and that they should rush out and see it, that's word of mouth.  Wouldn't it be nice for your efforts?  Well, that's the benefit of virtual franchises.  You get paid for such recommendations.  You see, it's not really about sales.  It's about exposure.  In direct selling, that's  your job.  Tell people about the products and services that you already know, use and lie, and "word of mouth" become a "business."

As a virtual franchise owner, you're encouraged to find others like yourself:  People who want to own their business and get paid for their efforts; people who want out of the rat race but have found few places to turn.

It doesn't take a degree from a prestigious business school or years of experience with a Fortune 500 company. All that matters is your willingness to make a change.  Change your perspective. Change your finances.  Change your life.  You can seize control or wait for someone, or something, else to come do it for you. Until then, you'll have to be content to play politics with your office peers, see less of your family and watch someone else drive our dream car, live in your dream house and retire on their terms.

If incredibly successful companies see the power of virtual Japans, Pearl Vision and Eye Master, don't you think it's worth a look?
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Article by: Success from Home September 2005
Liking It is Not a Requirement
By Jerry Clark

I once spoke with a gentleman who was a 54-year old Sales Manager f
or a major U.S. Computer Company. He had never been in
Network Marketing but was highly considering it for the first time.
He said, "Jerry, I was in London last month on a business trip.
A business associate over there gave me a magazine that was published in  the U.K.
and I saw an article you wrote in it. I didn't know who you
were but I read your article and really got a lot from it.
Then I heard you on a radio show when I got back to the U.S.,
and I thought that was  a sign that I should contact you. Over the past 25 years, at least a
dozen people have approached me about Network Marketing,
but I have never been able to see myself as a distributor."

I asked him what interested him about it now, and he said, "Retirement.
Based on my investment portfolio and my income I know I won't be able to
retire and continue to live the lifestyle that my wife and I are
accustomed to. And based on my research, it appears this thing I've been
avoiding all these years - Network Marketing - is our best chance to be
able to set ourselves up financially within the next 6-8 years. But I
just don't like doing the things that I've been hearing that I would
have to do in order to make it work."

I laughed and said, "Great! Welcome to the crowd."

He was puzzled.

I told him that one of the best parts about building a Network Marketing
business is the fact that you don't have to like it to do it. There was
silence on the phone and I knew he was confused so I continued.
I asked him how long he had been in the workforce. He said over 30 years.

I then made the following statement to him: "Are you telling me that
over the last 30 years you actually liked waking up in the morning to an
electronic rooster ringing in your ear? Did you like rushing in the
morning to get into traffic and breathe in the exhaust pipe fumes that
came from other cars? Did you like working with a bunch of negative
people who were constantly engaged in office politics? Did you like
being told when you could take a lunch break, take a vacation, how often
you could get sick, and how much money you were worth? Did you actually
like telling your four children that they couldn't get the toys they
wanted and deserved? Did you like telling your wife that you couldn't
take the vacation that you all deserved and desired? Did you like being
bossed around by someone who was less competent than you were?"

I went on a tangent for at least another minute or two with this type of
questioning. I finished by saying, "I didn't like a lot of what I had to
do, but I knew I wasn't going to like doing all that corporate stuff for
30 or 40 years either. So I figured if I was going to do something I
didn't like, I may as well do it for a shorter period of time. That's
why I chose Network Marketing.

"Today I'm a 32 year old guy who lives in a 7,000 sq. ft. home, travels
the equivalent of five trips around the world each year, associates with
positive, uplifting and pumped up people, and wakes up when I'm done
sleeping to a beautiful view of trees and the sounds of the waterfall
crashing down on my swimming pool. I figured if I was going to do
something I didn't like, I may as well do it for a shorter period of time.

"So my friend, you can go ahead and spend the next 6-8 years of your
life doing something you don't like and end up flat broke, or you can
spend the next 6-8 years of your life doing something you don't like and
set yourself up for life. Nevertheless, don't be surprised if you start
to not only like Network Marketing, but also love it. It's your life and
it's your choice."

By the time the call ended, the guy was in tears. I think he got the point.  To the top
Jerry Clark became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20's.
Today, through his company Club Rhino, Inc., he conducts personal and
professional development seminars around the World.

New Brokers   10/1 thru 101/3
welcome to our Ameriplan family!